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 Job Suits

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PostSubject: Job Suits   Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:11 pm

NPC: Job Suit
Location: Mall, on the left side.

You need 10 TGC Cards to get a Job Suit. You can get them from the game Poring Catcher.

There are 18 different Job Suits:

Baby Novice Suit

Baby Acolyte Suit

Baby Archer Suit

Baby Merchant Suit

Baby Swordsman Suit

Baby Thief Suit

Baby Priest Suit

Baby Monk Suit

Baby Hunter Suit

Baby Wizard Suit

Baby Sage Suit

Baby Blacksmith Suit

Baby Alchemist Suit

Baby Knight Suit

Baby Crusader Suit

Baby Assassin Suit

Baby Rogue Suit

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Job Suits
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