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 Ingame Rules

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PostSubject: Ingame Rules   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:43 am

-General Rules-

Those are the simple rules of entice, keep them in mind if you dont want
yourself to be in trouble.

1.) Be respectful to all players.
1a.) This includes also GMs.
2.) Do not bully/flame other players.
3.) You are not allowed to claim yourself as GM.
4.) Charnames with abusive content are not allowed.
4a.) Includes also Guild/Party/Tittle Names.
5.) The decisions are made by the Admins, not by the players.
6.) Vending on streets is not allowed.
7.) Please dont interupt GMs while they host an Event.
7a.) If you dont want to join their events, then please also dont go next
to the place where they are hosted!
8.) Dual clienting is strictly forbiden.
8a.) What we dont see doesnt make us hot. Simple as that.
9.) Selling in-game items for real money is not allowed.
10.) Do not ask GMs for items.
11.) Keep vulgar language to a minimum
12.) 3rd Party Programms such as WPE or RPE are strictly prohibited. (!!)
12a.) Once a staff caught you using those, you'll be banned witout a warning.
13.) Abusive Language and Insults are not allowed.
14.) Rassistic comments or insults will not be tolarated, everyone is welcome to this server, it doesnt matter what gender/sexuality/skin color/religion/politic view/etc. they are.
15.) KSing other peoples MVP, is NOT ALLOWED
15a.) Taming a MVP while someone is on killing is also not allowed!
15b.) If you kill in poring catcher the correct proing, from a lower level
player, and dont give him the TCG you will be in trouble!

16.) Remember, this is a game, we play this to have fun!

-PvP Rules-

1.) "Res-Killing" is not allowed.
2.) Keep the Trash Talking down, if you are better then anyone thats ok but you
dont have to rub it into their nose. Its just annoying.
3.) Do not Vend in PvP Area.
4.) Do not kill new Players on sight, thats just something that aint fair.

-Rules of the War of Emperium-

1.) You are not allowed to copy the emblem of another guild.
1a.) You are not allowed to copy the Guild Name of another Guild.
2.) You are not to have the cells surrounding the emperium filled with items
3.) Do not summon monsters or use warp protals to cover key locations

By creating an account(ingame) you accept the terms and rules of Entice.
However if you decide to break those rules you will have to
deal with the concequences.

Punishments can include:.
1~X amount of Jailing time
1~X amount of days banned
A rollback on character/ account
Permanant bans
Account deletion

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Ingame Rules
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