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 Guild Forums now Available!

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PostSubject: Guild Forums now Available!   Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:31 pm

Each guild is able to have one.
The GuildMaste will be the Moderator for the GuildForum.
Other members that are not GuildMembers of your guild
wont be able to read or view your Guild Forum.
The only person that will be able to read it is me.
Game Masters and Forum Moderators are not able to view it too.

To create your own Guild Forum you have to be a Guild Owner.
In order to Purchase a Guild Forum you have to write me an Application
with the Name of your Guild.
Also you have to agree that the Basic Forum Rules are still active on your
Guild Forums, if any of those Rules are broken the Guild Forum will be locked
and you will be charged with a fee.

Costs to create a Guild Forum : 85 Poring Coins per Month
Costs to have a Rank-Banner : 100 Coring Points
Costs to change a Rank-Banner: 30 Coring Points
If you brake any of the rules : Forum will be locked and you will be charged 50 Poring coins, your guild will be not allowed to WoE for 2 Weeks.

So before you do anything wrong, think about it.

How to Pay
Your Payment has to be sent with the Mail to the "Guild Forum".
Its like sending a Mail to a player, instead of the playername
you type in "Guild Forum" // without the " "
For 1 Month it costs 85 Poring Coins.
You have to on the 30th of every month, if you want to pay for
more months at once, please mention it in your mail.

How to set up a Rank-banner
Usually the Rank-Banner should be your guild emblem and next to it
the name of the guild. When you are done with making a good banner send it to
me with a PM in the forums.
The Banner will only be applied if the payment was received.
Please dont forget to mention in the Mail for wich Guild the payment is,
otherwise we cant proceed to apply the Banner for you.

How can I quit my Guild Forum?
Send a PM to Angel with your Guild Name and
mention that you want to close it.

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Guild Forums now Available!
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