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 Help Entice Grow!

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PostSubject: Help Entice Grow!   Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:19 pm

Alrighty, as many of you know we have the vote for points system
each time you vote you can get a maximum of 2 Donation Points.

Now you can vote twice per day, so that's 4 donation points.
Keep in mind all our donations cost 100 Points, meaning
if you vote as much as you can for 25 days, you have enough points to
buy one donation item. Not only do you get to grab a donation item for free,
but you help the Server go up in the voting ladders!

You can get to the vote for points site via control panel, or the "VOTE" button
on top of our main site. The direct link is ->Vote!

Don't forget we are on RMS as well, you may not get anything in-game from reviewing, but you do get my undying gratitude =D
Entice's RMS Page

Now go out there and have fun!
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Help Entice Grow!
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