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 PvP Point System and Rewards

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PostSubject: PvP Point System and Rewards   Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:06 pm

The PvP Point System is something that was really important to us.
Most of the player that start playing a server, just level up to be dominating in pvp.
So we thought, why not reward those awesome pvpers and give them another reason to pvp!
After a player reached level 99 he is able to get PvP Points from pvping in the Arena.
Without being 99 he is not able to.
Also, entice GM love to see action, thats why the max level is 99, so every class has the chance in PvP this way we keep things more balanced.
Anyhow, we wish you to enjoy the PvP System.
For 1 Kill you get 1 PvP Point.

To join the Arena to gain points, talk to the PvP Receptionist in Prontera, you cant miss him, he is next to the spawn point.
Talk to him to join one of the two Arenas and show them whos the best PvPer in Entice!

The PvP Point System has a lots of NPCs, in this guide you will read wich one is for what.

*P.P. Shop: That is the NPC where you buy your rewards for pvping. It also Displays how much PvP points you have.

! PvP Point Shop Items !

Western Food x2 for 5 PvPP

Bubble Gum each for 20 PvPP

each for 100 PvPP

Box of Sunlight x5 for 20 PvPP

Robo Eyes each for 200 PvPP

Hokage Helm each for 600 PvPP

Valkyrie Helm each for 1000 PvPP

*PvP Ladder: This NPC shows you the top 10 PvPers in Entice. Also it allows you to view the statuses of other players, to see how much points they got, it also allows you to view your own status.

*PvP Center:
This NPC helps you to transfer your PvP points from one char to another, both chars have to be in the same Account. We implented this because while PvP you might want to change from your Sniper to your SinX (for example) and then you will kill with your SinX. So this NPC allows you to transfer the points.

! Job Suits !

Some of us like to
look like babys, without even being one.
So this is where this NPC
is going to be one of your
beloved ones!
For 10 TCG you can
get any Baby Outfit you want.
In pvp you can trick people with
that, and it looks pretty good too!

! The Recolor Shops !

Each equipable item you get from the
PvP Shop will be white.
Of course you would like it
in another color, and
those NPCs will help you
to get it in the color
you personally like the most.

Of course this has a price,
each coloration has different
costs, the NPC will display
what items are needed
to create the item
in the color you wish.

Enjoy the PvP and play always fair!

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PvP Point System and Rewards
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